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A Little Clarity On Registration Changes!

We would like to briefly bring everyone up to speed on the changes to registration for this season.


There will no longer be a singlet deposit. You will have two options for team singlets...

Option 1 – Purchase a team singlet from a previous season for $20.00. You will then have the option of keeping this singlet or selling it back to the club at the end of the season for $10.00. (This singlet is pictured above)

Option 2 – Purchase a brand new singlet for $50.00 and you will get your wrestlers name on the back of this new singlet. We are still working on the design of this new singlet and we'll get it out to you as soon as we have it.

If you want to register now, and you're not sure which route you want to go (...perhaps because, uh I dunno, you have no clue what the new singlet looks like) just select Option 1 and you can always upgrade later once you have a little more info.


There will no longer be an upfront lottery ticket fee because we trashed the lottery tickets. (...something about gambling and licenses and blah blah blah) So, we have a few new fundraisers this year that you can stay up to date with on previous and future posts. How this pertains to registration is you can now take the buyout option during checkout if fundraisers aren't your thingy. A single wrestler buyout is $75.00, and 2 or more is consider a "Family Buyout" and that's $100.00. Any questions or concerns, hit us up!


There are 2 of you go getters out there that already registered before we had the chance to include these options in the registration form. (...yea, you know who you are wink wink) We'll get with you personally on your singlet/fundraiser preferences.


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