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BSYWC expects each wrestling family to volunteer their time to work one or both of the two scheduled home events. If you are able to volunteer additional time and/or have more than one participating wrestler in the program, please consider signing up to work more than 1 home event. It is extremely important that you arrive on time to your location and remain there for the duration. If you temporarily need relieved from your duties (i.e. watch your child wrestle, use the restroom, etc.) the head table will assign a fill-in for you. If you are unable to fulfill your required time during the entire event, it is your responsibility to find a replacement (family member, friend, etc.) and notify Kris Campbell - 717-448-8307, of any change. If your wrestler becomes ill or is unable to wrestle the day of your sign-up, BSYWC will still expect you or your replacement to work your time slot. Please make sure you are signing up for a position that you are confident you can complete. DO NOT sign up to "Bout Write" unless you have done so in the past or are willing to be taught to write. Bout sheets must be 100% accurate! Also, when volunteering to work a table, please make sure you sign-up to work your wrestlers age division (Bantams - 5/6 yrs. old, Midgets - 7/8 yrs. old, Juniors - 9/10 yrs. old, and Intermediates 11/12 yrs. old). Thank you! We are all new at some point. so please don't hesitate to contact Kris with and questions or concerns!


Volunteer Sign Ups For Our 2017 Events

BSYWC is asking each wrestling family to donate a concession item. If you have more than one child in the program, please consider donating more than the minimum. Requests for concession donations are to offset the expense of club-purchased concession items, thereby improving the profitability of concessions overall. Improvements, such as the need to purchase new equipment, are dependent on the success of concessions. In addition, basic needs such as custodial and security expenses also rely heavily on concession revenue. Donations and nonperishable items may be dropped off during practice the week of the event in the High School Athletic Lobby. All perishable items can be dropped off to concessions the evening prior to the event at 9:00 p.m. or the day of the event at 8:00 a.m. Questions or concerns should be directed to Kris Campbell at 717-448-8307. Thank you, in advance, for your gracious contribution and continued support to BSYWC.

Concession Donations For Our 2017 Events

Go Bandits!!

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